iProject 2.0.4

Welcome to iProject Version 2.0.4!

What is the iProject?

The iProject is a secure, web-based data sharing tool, developed by iReservoir.com, Inc., that allows project data to be collected and organized in a central data store. This software is used to assemble and monitor fully integrated 3D modeling-simulation projects. This allows us to to capture and provide online project workflow documentation (and ultimately archiving) that is accessible by password to all stakeholders. The iProject client provides many of the conventional file browser functionalities.
More information can be found in the About the iProject section of the iProject User's Guide (PDF).

Installing the iProject

The iProject runs as a self-contained, self-updating application that you download and install on your computer. To install the iProject client application, download and run the appropriate installer:

Running the iProject

When installed, the iProject places an icon on your desktop:

Launch the iProject using this shortcut, just like any other application.
More information can be found in the iProject Quick Start (PDF) section of the iProject User's Guide (PDF).


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